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My First Mustang

I was in Senior High School at Parkland High when I traded my 1977 LTD 2-door coupe. It was hot and dull Sunday afternoon at the used car lot in West of El Paso, Texas, that I had this urged and I couldn’t resist after seeing a Candy Apple Red Mustang. Oh yeah, I went for a test drive, at the end of the thrilling test drive – I told the salesman that if she did a burned out for more than 15 feet, I will buy the car. Oh boy, she did more than 25 feet, and it was, of course, sold! It turned out, it wasn’t a dull Sunday afternoon after all. It was love at first sight, my first Mustang 1972 Mach1.

I had her for over 7 good long years. And then, very heartbreaking news came to me when my Dad told me that the engine locked up on him one cool winter morning up in IL. Whenever I was stationed overseas, yes my Dad had been taking care of Betsy. Upon my return from overseas, I looked all over in McComb, IL for a 351 Cleveland engine, but it was nowhere to be found. The only engine available was 351 Windsor. Betsy did get along with 351 Windsor. And everything else went wrong with it. Sadly, I ended up trading her for a mid-size car but nothing like her… not a Mustang.

I have had perhaps more than 14 cars between Betsy until 2006. After 21 years of service in the US Navy, I went for my first love again and got me a 2006 V6 Mustang convertible. The color of my current car is my choice, Tungsten Gray same color as 1967 Shelby GT500E Eleanor. Its interior was my wife’s bloody red leather choice. Before buying it as a retirement gift to myself, the condition was it has to be a Mustang convertible or none.

I should have joined the Mustang Club of San Diego sooner, and am glad I finally did! See you at our events and meetings!  

Bear with us, we are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION, please re-visit us again!  
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